David Solomons

I remember my mum giving me a compact 110 film camera for my birthday when I was about 14. It was a really basic model with just auto exposure and a built-in flash. I thought it was great but then so many of the pictures it took were really blurry. I was quite disappointed and quit my new hobby after only a few months as I decided my money was better spent on records.

A few years later I got a proper job and decided to get a proper camera, a Pentax Spotmatic F. I was thrilled by my shiny new toy and my pictures were noticeably sharper but somehow didn’t really improve much otherwise. Then I had some pals who were into photography and I started to take some proper pictures. Some time after that I went on a proper photography course and took some better pictures, so I decided to sell all my records and get a better camera, this time a Nikon F801. Soon after my course finished, I forgot about having a proper job as people started paying me proper money to take decent pictures. I was very happy and started buying CD’s as I regretted selling the records.

Since then I’ve published two photo books, one in colour called ‘Underground’, the other in black and white called ‘Happenstance’. I’m not showing those pictures here because I think I’ve done better pictures since. If you do want to see some of those you’ll have to go to my website as the books have both sold out. Luckily you can always buy a print, they never seem to sell out.

The first gallery here, is from my ‘Up West’ series about London’s West End, famous for its shopping and entertainment. The work dates from 2001 to 2013 and is in the process of being printed sometime soon. I’ve been selling all the CD’s in order to help fund this but since they are digital, who cares about them?

The second gallery is a more random selection of single images taken both in the UK and abroad and represents a small selection of my more recent work from about 2007 onwards.

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