Siegfried Hansen

“Street Photography is my way to create unique images in public space by composing graphics, colours, and fascinating combinations of people and objects in a harmonic but surprising manner. I like the aesthetic of lines, patterns, and shapes. I strive to add a “second layer” to a picture for example by matching seemingly unconnected elements within my subjectively chosen frame.”

The German street photographer Siegfried Hansen, who was born 1961 in Meldorf (near Hamburg), started his photographic career with travel and landscape photography. After studying the works of famous documentary photographers such as Andre Kertesz, Ernst Haas and Ray K. Metzker, he discovered in 2002 his passion for street photography.

Since then the camera has become Siegfried’s “third eye” with him wherever he goes. He takes pictures intuitively with an ability to anticipate peculiar situations and to transform them quickly into multi-facetted pictures even before looking through the viewfinder. “First shoot and then think …” is one of his credos.

His distinctive style has earned him recognition both nationally and internationally. Magazines such as Leica Fotografie International, Professional Photographer, or Photographie have published and reviewed his photographs, and he is one of the photographers featured in the book “Street Photography Now”. Siegfried’s work has been widely exhibited, including solo exhibitions in Germany and group exhibitions in Europe and the United States.

Siegfried´s first book – Hold The Line- was published by Kettler Verlag in 2015.

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