Todd Gross

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a comic artist like Mort Drucker and join Mad Magazines gang of usual idiots. Spend time in my studio with a cat in the window, puffing on a pipe, drawing caricatures of Ricardo Montalban, Ernest Borgnine or the occasional William Shatner. But I didn’t have the talent-I didn’t have the hand.

Instead, I ended up buying a used camera and became a creep who takes candid photos of people on the street! I love it.

My aim is simply to keep myself from descending into a state of perpetual madness (and hopefully entertain a few others along the way) by photographing life in New York as I see it.

Oh yeah… I’m a nebishy middle-aged guy from Queens now living in Brooklyn. Naturally.

Todd Gross 2014

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