In-Public 3

Six and a half years after its foundation, in-public has played a major role in helping to define street photography and make it accessible to a much wider worldwide audience, through its educational activities, publications, exhibitions and primarily its website.

This month sees the third reincarnation of the website and we are all very excited by its new possibilities, designed by With Associates in London.

The new site will be maintained by the sixteen members of the group directly, meaning that it will be constantly updated from day to day with new images and news, like an online magazine edited by sixteen editors around the world. We would also like to invite you to submit street photography news items of your own for inclusion on our news section. Thank you so much for your continued interest in the group and we hope you find the new web site useful and enjoyable.



In-Public was set up in 2000 to provide a home for Street Photographers.

Our aim is to promote Street Photography and to continue to explore its possibilities, we are a non commercial collective. All the photographers featured here have been invited to show their work because they have the ability to see the unusual in the everyday and to capture the moment. The pictures remind us that, if we let it, over-familiarity can make us blind to what’s really going on in the world around us.

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