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Thursday 10 May 2007

Jeffrey Ladd has an excellent new blog called 5b4. Be sure to check it out for Jeffrey’s latest revealing book reviews.

“I tend to cast a wide net over the medium as to what sparks my interest. When people look at my bookshelves they are often amazed (as I often am) when comparing my photography to the variety of titles on the spines of my book collection. 5B4 is a way for me to rediscover what has parted me from my money and to try to understand those objects in a critical way. It’s an exercise for my mind. To physically type these words helps me think differently and forces me to form opinions that are, for the time being, steadfast. Although 5B4 appears to be for others, it is really just for me.”

Jeffrey Ladd

Posted by Christophe Agou



In-Public was set up in 2000 to provide a home for Street Photographers.

Our aim is to promote Street Photography and to continue to explore its possibilities, we are a non commercial collective. All the photographers featured here have been invited to show their work because they have the ability to see the unusual in the everyday and to capture the moment. The pictures remind us that, if we let it, over-familiarity can make us blind to what’s really going on in the world around us.

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Featured photographer

Street photography from Istanbul, Turkey

Maciej Dakowicz

Maciej Dakowicz is a Polish photographer, traveller and gallerist living in London, UK. He has worked on various photographic projects in the UK and abroad and his interests are in documentary, travel and street photography.

Maciej was born in …