Reflections on Life

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Reflections On Life is an ongoing international project by award-winning London based photographer and friend of in-public Dougie Wallace.

Shot in Lisbon, Egypt and Eastern Europe, including, Sarajevo, Ukraine and Albania, this series of photographs features people glimpsed through the windows of city trams.

As the subjects go about their daily lives, a reflection of their city – be it grand architecture or garish posters – is captured on their faces. The effect of these different layers produces a disorienting and surreal series of images that tell the story of these people and their cities in subdued, painterly tones.

“As I travelled I became increasingly fascinated with the idea of reflections and the ability these have to change and make us reconsider our perceptions of everyday life”.

You can get a glimpse of the project so far between the 18th and 21st November at:

The Outside World
44 Redchurch Street
E2 7DP

Gallery Open 12-6pm

Posted by Nick Turpin



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